FBK ApS (Fyens Børste & Kostefabrik ApS) has been developing and manufacturing brushes since 1887, gaining experience that spans 3 centuries!

Production is exclusively for the professional market focusing on cleaning and handling in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Leading cleaning contractors have made FBK products their number 1 choice to service hospitals, multiple retailers and a host of other applications.

Included along with a wide variety of brushware are shovels, squeegees, scoops, scrapers, one piece, water and telescopic handles in many sizes and wall storage systems in all 10 colours.

FBK consider product safety to be a high priority and have developed items in metal and x-ray detectable materials providing that extra product assurance.


Deck scrubs

draw 1


draw 2


draw 3

PPN - Sweepers / Brooms

draw 4

Tube cleaning brushes / Tank brushes

draw 5

Pad holder & pads / Steel scraper / Paddle scraper

draw 6

Condensation squeegee

draw 7


draw 8


draw 9

Hand brushes

draw 10

Tube brushes w. handgrip & thread

draw 11

Hand scoops / Spatulas / Scrapers

draw 12

Dustpan / Shovels / Bucket / Lobby pan

draw 13

Wall hanging system

draw 14

Detectable range

draw 15


draw 16


draw 17

Various / mixed / Extra